what happened?


Why we



The barber shop that has opened in our old location, is the result of a truly disgraceful & underhanded act performed by Brent Newdick and Gideon Marisa, Aperitivo Cafe Owners.

These two, watched the success of our barbershop and came to the conclusion that they  needed, us gone, and for us not to re-open elsewhere in Parnell.


The following is the lengths that they went to, to undermine me, create false rumours to damage reputations and of course use the misleading name "Parnell Barbers". The most despicable act was the issuing of Trespass Notice which was completely unjustified.

They wanted us gone & we wanted out, yet they would not allow access, so we could remove our fittings for over 6 weeks!

This was nothing more than an act to stop us from trading/earning revenue, and hoped that would be enough for us to not pop back up, so they may "cash in" on the brand. 

Brent Newdick and Gideon Marisa's actions have cost us upwards of $70,000

as well as the damage to our reputation

This is not something we will suddenly forget.


Their "cafe" was not making enough money, due to crudely selling panini's and coffee... constantly running out of the basics, coffee lids, paper plates, expecting customers to use the bag it was served in as a make shift plate, whilst "eating in".

If any of these customers witnessed the lack of hygiene that we observed, you wouldn't risk it. The table tops were on par with the floor.

They only have a tiny hand basin for cleaning utensils etc, and when larger items needed cleaning, then out comes the  bucket from the back room

(yes, the same one used to mop the floor!)

Food is constantly left in the front fridge overnight and right through the weekend, only to be sold as "fresh" come Monday morning... actually, it stays in there until it's completely sold.

They knowingly sell food past the used by date, and when a customer returns an item clearly pointing out the expiry, they just act surprised, and comment that they'll definitely check the rest to make sure it hasn't expired also.

  Being placed on stop credit for bread rolls... It's fair to say, Aperitivo was not in great shape at all. At one stage Newdick was 6 months behind in his rent obligations, They were actually desperate, the turnover was just not there for them to meet their debts. This was their motivation, constructing a plan, which started by chipping away, spreading rumours, talking to anyone that would listen, staff, locals, whomever would listen, really.

Once they had ruined or placed my reputation into question,

During a phone call I had with Newdick, he threatened to lock me out and stop me from trading the following day if, I did not pay the outgoings, that he states were in arrears.

 (Newdick would send a text with a dollar amount and in his eyes, that constitutes a payable invoice? I'd ask for an actual invoice, he would see this as me being "difficult")   

His exact words were "its simple, if you don't pay, I'll lock you out and I'll stop you from trading." The moment he said that, I thought if he's willing to stop someone trading/earning a living, then I don't want to associate myself with anyone like that.

Its ironic really, heres a guy who's been up to 6 months behind in his rent, so obviously his landlords have given him a lot of lead way... yet he instantly threatens the worst, when he's in the opposite position.

I'd had enough, gave him my 1 month notice over the phone, and hung up.

I never heard from Coincidently once during that final month. I received a call from my Barber late one afternoon to say Brent wanted me to go in and talk to him right there & then (which was not possible) because Newdick had turned the power off and begun telling booked customers that the barbershop is closed.

I went in that night, to see what was going on, and Newdick had issued me personally with a "trespass notice"

(I tried contacting Brent Newdick over 20+ times regarding access to remove my items - all went unanswered.)

Newdick held my fixtures & fittings for over a month, stopping me & my barbers from earning a living. When we finally were given access, it was only for 4 hours... to break the shop down and remove it. we were told anything left would be classed as abandoned.

Clients generally have their hair cut ever 3-4 weeks, so with the lock out + the time it would take for us to find and fit-out a new location, we had lost a great deal of clients, as they were forced to find alternatives at least once if not twice. Also to just be closed overnight with no explanation was damaging to our reputation.

The Penny


The night prior to removal, Newdicks, "business partner" Gideon Marisa, emailed me, stating that for $2000 he will buy all of my fixtures and fittings and take care of the debt I "owed" (they actually owed me money, due to damage of my property prior to all this, caused by their carelessness)  If I did not want to accept this generous offer, I would be granted access for 4 hours tomorrow, to remove my fittings.

As tempting as it was to sell my entire business & client list that I had built with the help of my barbers over 3 years and 20,000+ services...  I didn't think the offer of $2000 deserved a response, and opted to remove everything the next day.

Over the coming weeks as the dust settled, I realised that I had left my front window sticker on Newdick's shop, I questioned why this had not been taken down, surely if I was all they say I am, they would want to remove any trace of me and my business... and that's when everything fell into place! 

It all made sense now, a meeting Gideon Marisa had called me in for, where he stated "the barbershop could stay, and we say someone else owns it" this was the weirdest comment, obviously personal, the attempt to "bleed me" financially, leaving the sign up in their window 5+ weeks after we had moved out.

Their intentions were to fit it back out as a barbershop, use my name and pick up where I left off.

Although they had never run or mentioned owning a barbershop themselves, in all the years they'd been in that location, now all of a sudden they want to start one of their own (replace the one that is/was there) and trade under the same name. 

In their minds, clients will think its the same business and they'll have a easy ride, getting up and going, making money, literally all at our expense.

They had hoped we were gone for good, so when they realised I was still around they had to change things up (only slightly) rather than using exactly our trading name, they chose a name, look and overall feel as close to our business as possible.

Its just lazy, deceiving and dishonest to my barbers, clients and myself.

These are the characters and morals of people that,

one, wishes to be a social worker,

and the other hopes to represent NZ at the Olympics!

Would he compete under someone else's name,

because they trained better, harder and longer than he did?

just to get the win...

Is someone that conducts himself in this manner,

worthy to represent our country?


Even on their "opening night"

(let's celebrate a lack of creativity and screwing someone over... woo hoo!)

we had people showing up at our shop, thinking we were them,

because even their friends googled what they thought was their business name, 

and they came to our site. Couriers and clients make the same mistake also

The Plot


So, Brent Newdick & Gideon Marisa didn't have any money, I hadn't sold them the fittings like they had hoped, so they needed cash to build a barbershop

Enter Austen Clarke & Michael Homik.

I had previously looked at selling a part of my business to these guys 9 months prior, but after several meetings and multiple deal restructures, we'd all walked away concluding that it was not for each other. 

However, once approached by Newdick and Marisa, Clarke & Homik obviously decided to

go along with this dishonest behaviour .  

I'd hold no ill feelings towards these two, if it wasn't for the fact that they have knowingly gone along with the mentality and actions of the 1st two, as this would have been discussed between all four parties and the resulting shop that they've opened is the collective agreement of that discussion .

Making them absolutely no better.

 It simply goes to show that even between 4 individuals, not one of them has the creativity, mindset or morals to start a barbershop, give it an independent name, and build it up to be a unique and successful business under its own banner and efforts.

I have no problem with healthy, fair competition - in fact it's what makes businesses excel.

What I do have a problem with is when you have 4 individuals, purposely trying to damage someone else's business and livelihood, purely to advance themselves.

I honestly don't know how they could possibly feel good about what they're doing/done. 

The damage they've caused to another persons life, (not just me, this has directly affected my children also) just so they can make money.

I would genuinely like to know what action(s) I did to each of these people, for them to go out of their way to cost me what I have worked from the "bottom up" over 20 years to achieve.

Was it a comment I made? ...seriously, words... are their egos actually that fragile.

Is it mob mentality? ...only takes one to in-site a riot. 


Whatever it is, I know that they've taken it too far 

If you don't like someone, you walk away 


Where to

from here?

Its business as usual for us.

Offering the best service and haircuts like we have always done in Parnell

for the last 3+ years

We know what it takes to be the best, hard work, determination and consistency.

The Parnell BarberShop